We were already looking forward to Chile, now we can't wait! We want to visit all of the places listed in this comprehensive round up. Glad to see the pop up food trend had made it south.

Smart, fun, funny post about a truly underrated travel accessory: the humble post card.

Just one example of the useful, geeky and downright fascinating map-based posts about Mexico.

Fascinating photo essay about a cultural quirk I've never heard of before. I want to know more!

Adirondack chairs -  a fitting farewell to summer.

A 10 course meal for $10? Yep.

Turns out, traveling through Japan on less than $50 a day IS possible...

Found: a neighborhood in Paris you haven't already explored.

The latest installment in one of my favorite adventure blog series: Historical Badass on Steve Casimiro's awesome Adventure Journal blog.

I love a city that looks best in the dark.

Sure with there were more pictures but the writing is light and hefty at the same time.

It's true! The crowd favorite (and certainly mine) at many Lucha Libre matches in Mexico is often the campiest character in the ring.

This annual 10 day food festival in Peru could be overwhelming (so much food, so little time!) but this post give insider tips that will help even a first timer prioritize and enjoy.

24 perfect hours in Barcelona with a food focus (though attractions and a remarkably central and well-priced hotel find is included as well).

Fun quiz about the origin of some US National Park names.

This brilliantly reported piece slices up airline food with humor and shocking insights. Bonus: you will finally know why you always order tomato juice when you fly...

Because you wouldn't want to mix up your patacones with your tostones....this clued in guide to cultural culinary lingo across Latin America will help ensure you order like a pro from country to country.

Great round up and I've bookmarked it for when we arrive in Bogota later this year (or next, who knows). BBC in Colombia actually inspired a successful brewery and brew pub in Panama called Rana Dorada. Good stuff.

Super foodie cities like San Francisco can be overwhelming. This tight list of vegetarian and vegan places is a good start for healthy visitors.

Read this before you bother reading another online hotel review....

What to skip and what not to miss in Costa Rica plus quirks and observations that will inform your trip planning.

After visiting hundreds of archaeological sites in the US, Mexico and Central America I was ready for a break, but this post has me excited about the sites I'll soon see in Peru.

Let the quest for perfect Vietnamese soup begin!

This is a truly fun weekly ritual in the Getsemani neighborhood of Cartagena which still somehow maintains an enticing equilibrium between it's hipster/artist residents and the locals who have always lived there. We loved that the teams seem to be all women and they even have prettty swish uniforms. And where else in the world can you watch baseball while sitting on massive, ancient fortifications built by the Spanish?

Paige, it's not an article. It is what it claims to be right in the title "travel tips and observations",  a compilation of "interesting facts" as you say, meant to entice readers to see a different, more complete more drilled-down side of an extremely well-visted country. You want articles about Costa Rica? We've got nearly 30 of them, here http://trans-americas.com/blog/category/country/central-america/costa-rica/

It''s doubtful that the illegal collection of turtle eggs would be covered under the hunting legislation. It's already (mostly) classed as illegal. It's just a matter of enforcement. Some of the turtle egg collection is actually legal in Costa Rica, as we touch on in this post http://trans-americas.com/blog/2013/08/turtle-arribada-playa-ostinal-costa-rica/

An entertaining and balanced look at what it's like to volunteer in the Brazilian jungle for two weeks - the good, the bad and the creepy crawly.

I love the name of the site too!

Sad so say I've seen even more ridiculous features in major US travel magazines than the dooize skewered in this report on Skift....let's hope the new editor in chief of the magazine in the hot seat can get things back on track.

Like all good humor, these jokes about the rigors of airline travel from major standups, are rooted in facts. Painful, painful facts.