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Intelligently written, well structured.

Needs to be proofread.

Original, realistic, objective giving the good and the bad.

Most interesting read about an unusual destination and even the off the beaten track of what is already off the radar for most. The Sustainable Tour Project was very interesting.

Makes some strong statements that would have been more credible with some sources other than talking to local young people (especially regarding government expenditures, genocide, et). Some links or references would be expected here

Well structured and the destination was well situated in the total Silk Road Experience.

I would have loved to have seen a map as it is not an area very familiar especially when he goes off the mainstream places.

Some good travel advice making it practical especially in terms of which areas to visit although there were not many details on where to stay or dine in the non touristy areas that he described as well as visa info more specific advise concerning black market money exchanges (like penalties if you’re caught). Overall cost of traveling there compared to other destinations

Photos are of excellent quality full of exotic things the reader would probably like to have more information about. No photo captions although many different areas were mentioned but not identified in the photos, some photo credits but no links to the photographer

Some photos running one after the other with no text to break or so explain.

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This quick guide could be even quicker if the author took out the repetition and redundancies. Three times she reminds us “while visiting Amsterdam”. He mentions 3 times version of 9th street, 9 streets along with glass top boat (twice). For the few recommendations of food, sights and hotels, except for mentioning the high price of the Crowne Plaza (a 4 star hotel – there are a lot of more expensive hotels also in excellent locations in the center), he does not say in which neighborhood these attractions or eateries are located or what’s special about them.

Very little utility. No practical information at all. Anecdotal structure. Little use of adjectives to tell the reader WHY they would want to visit certain places. Style is simple, full of clichés, repetition.

A couple classic non English speaker mistakes.

No substance.

Photo no captions, photo credits. Immediately talks about a boat cruise under the photo which is of bicycles.

Complete lack of originality – many hidden secrets in Amsterdam and he doesn’t explain the explain the usual ones.

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The title of this article should have been WHY I walked across America. There was actually very little information on the HOW other than the mention of his support vehicle. Therefore, this is misleading to the reader.

I was ready for some more practical advice, especially routes, what to avoid, interesting anecdotes along the way (were there problems or positive experiences parking the support vehicle during the night), budgeting and how long it took – he did mentioned miles 4’000 20-25 miles a day and that he needed 11 pairs of shoes..

The vagueness leaves the reader wondering about many other things. Why was his 81-year old Mother driving the support vehicle. Why did she stop? Then who drove? How was that? How does one select a driver. What to store in the vehicle. How much was the total petrol bill, etc.

It was admirable that he was walking for various causes and that he didn’t turn it into something commercial but kept it as a personal goal.

I was disappointed and felt deceived by the title despite the altruistic intentions of the traveler.

Basic writing techniques were fine. English was correct.

The photographs were very amateurish with no captions as to what they were about or where they were taken and who took them

Far too vague

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Dramatic, adventurous topic that appeals to most readers. Although not unheard of, it still a tourism activity that is not part of the usual itinerary. Beside it took place in a part of the World, South Africa, with which  not everyone is familiar.

Intelligent, witty, colorful and polished style of writing with many appropriate metaphors. Word usage like “fragile looking cage” created excitement in the article.

Research of the sharks has clearly been made to make the article even more interesting and providing a great deal of substance. Thought-provoking ethical themes are brought up.

Photos all identified with photo credits

Acknowledgment was given that it took place during a sponsored media trip was appropriate and certainly did not detract from the value of the article nor show any wiring bias because of this. The description of the experience was objective and negative points were made.

Fascinating details involved in the activity are described. Further details on the trip were linked to put it in context. Details of the excursion such as the operators’ names and the precise oceanographic location of the cage drop was given.

Structure was excellent and kept the reader’s attention, integrating factual information with the actual experience happening and then ending it with a flourish.

Photographs well identified, water marks by the author and comments on the quality although I thought they were perfect illustrations of the excitement of the activity.

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Clearly states the objective of the article and achieves it.

Original with explanations of local activities.

Compelling writing style; straightforward, readable yet also poetic uses such as “to touch the breathing wilderness.” Well structured.

Full of interesting details and anecdotes. Good link to further information on Orangutans and the projects to save them.

Very detailed information and excellent advice on how to make the boat rental arrangements.

Disclosure on being a trip provided by the Indonesian government

Well illustrated with interesting photos but no captions nor photo credits.

Compelling conclusion.

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Inspirational narrative with relevant information on a world renowned destination.

Polished and high level of English with no mistakes or typos. Very readable and well structured starting with attractive title and introduction to interesting background information of Jazz and its history of which most people even traveling to New Orleans do not really know. Quotes are sourced.

Provides historical insight into New Orleans, a popular destination as well as Jazz.

Specific links of places to go to hear authentic jazz in New Orleans.

Photos although not outstanding, illustrate the article well and have captions. No photo credits or remarks that they were taken by the author.

Discloses trip sponsor and there appears to be no bias due to the personal nature of the article.

(I saw Louis Armstrong perform on a Jazz Cruise and I agree that it was almost a mystical experience and as a person he could not have been more humble and gracious – perhaps this makes me bias in my analysis of the article)

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I saw this same link in my Twitter Tweets that indicated is was sent by ME to my followers and actually I did NOT send it. So I was curious how and why this link was sent on my behalf. I have perhaps agreed ONCE to have a 3rd party use to my Twitter handle (a couple yearsago) in addition to Outbounding. Brian Phillips, the author of this book is a sponsored Twitter account @runofplay who says he writers for Grantland about sports I have never followed him nor does he follow me.

In terms of Outbounding, I don't know right off how to respond to evaluating 3 chapters of a book (possibly there are more and it's a teaser to buy it although I don't see that) But I haven't had time to read even the prologue on this.

What's your take on this fellow editors?

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I thought it was inspiring to get people to travel with so many different destinations and keeping the focus on the traveler as the scenes changed. It exemplified the title MOVE. Good quality filming (not easy to always get the same position for the traveler) and great editing. The images were upbeat and the music fit. Fun to watch even if it is made for the purpose of advertising.

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Thanks, Matt. Perhaps a separate music/arts as a sub category of culture. Or even three subcategoreis for music/dance and for fine arts as those are both key topics of discussion along with architecture. Best, Sonja

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I agree also. It's a great subject for families that is usually overwhelmed with commercial tourism activities for children who have never even seen farm animals let alone a pristine countryside and authenticity in it's finest. The literary references adds to it's charm. Good hyper-links for information and also for accommodations makes it very practical. Even though it's good that the wonderful photos are attributed, they need captions for sure- that would add a great deal.

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I liked it also and can testify having worked in this industry that it's all true (except maybe the thing about the second room key). It has very useful travel tips and a great deal of frustration and conflict can be eliminated for travelers who are aware of these things. Yes, it's entertaining and also written in a very intelligent language and dry tone which adds to being amusing. PS Never drink out of the glasses in a hotel unless you rinse them yourselves (I wash them with shampoo) - there are worse thing than Pledge.

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Very informative article in terms of marine biology and travel details. Well-written and structured with the most exciting part first. The author’s narration also integrates humor with facts which makes it compelling. The title is too long and could be rewritten for impact.

Destination that many travelers don’t know due to its isolation (unless they follow the America’s Cup history)

Good to great photos with captions. Not clear who took them as the author mentions his shark swimming guide takes underwater shots for research. Three photos are attributed to the same photographer which is not consistent in photographic presentation.

Most practical information any traveler would need is included including the seasons for different marine life as well as guide services and choices of accommodations in some cases.

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Witty yet very knowledgeable of the area and the wines. Objective with the high and low points to consider. Detailed: several villages included in the itinerary and everyone of them was illustrated with captioned excellent photos that could be enlarged

Car rental was recommended and at least 2 different hotels. Restaurants were not open when the author was hungry so there are no recommendations but the mention of several Michelin starred establishments were suggested. Well, this sounds familiar to me who eats lunch at 3:00 PM and this France. There are rules. No eating after 2:00 PM.

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Short travel history highlighting complications that actually still go on today around the world. Links to more details and a bigger map as well as recent history to demonstrate that we are tied to the past in attitudes and administration. Travelers from most countries (especially going to the US) experience oddities in Visas, fees, photography, etc.

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Good point, Paige. Actually I didn't notice there was an original link. After seeing it, it was less interesting than this one. So I'll delete. Thanks!

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Thanks Marc.

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Budget travel

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Glad you agree. Thanks.

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Thanks Marc. I'm with you. I live down the road from the UNESCO World Heritage Lavaux Vineyards and I already see little changes being added since they were designated.

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Innovative concept, futuristic article which appeals to most travelers who understand the stress of being in airports. Good quality video with audio commentary and text.

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I think we need travel tips as there are universal pieces of information that could be in one article.

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Yes, this is a definite. We have it already on a more detailed set of categories.

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Solo and Backpacking should be two different categories

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High quality film of mostly biking in the Italian region of Ferrara with music and impressions of the region, its landscapes, culture, and dining. More emotional than informative but gives one a a clear idea of what they may expect there.

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Very original. Perhaps to make it more immediatelz clear we could add a noun of some sort "Evergreen Advice" or "Evergreen information"  "Evergreen basics" ....

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Unique itinerary for spending one overnight in Vienna with specific recommendations and how to arrange it. Excellent original photos and creative ideas.

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Detailed itinerary about hiking up the very charming village of Eze on the road to Monaco. In addition to how to to do the hike as well as give the alternative (the bus), the author adds some historical and cultural points as well as good description of the village. Wonderful photos. Often done as a day trip, therefore, details on hotels would not be necessary

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Intelligently written with interesting details which express the intense interest of the author in her surroundings. Substantiated with quotes and excellent photographs with clear captions and photo credits. A compelling variety of places with architectural works have been selected that were of personal interest to the author who clearly enjoys sharing them...and we're glad she did!

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Vast geographical selection of excellent beach photographs with brief geological explanations and locations. Exquisite photography and originality of the topic. Changes the way we think about "the beach".