Good this

Feel free to leave a comment Andy. Will gladly publish anything constructive/fair

Uh huh. Which ones?

Have read pretty much all Theroux's books. What a brilliant writer. Beautifully grumpy too. If there's one piece of advice I could give to bloggers or writers is read *everything* he's published...

Good innit

Agreed. Was it not Riding the Iron Rooster? Probably both :)

Fab article

Kingdom by the Sea is ace. Captures early Thatcherite Britain perfectly. His description of Margate and St Andrews is perfect

The Economist, The Times Pro Plus, BBC licence fee (and don't get me started on people who get that for free when they can afford pro retinas and LIVE IN SWITZERLAND and EARN BILLIONS), Private Eye (the best magazine in Britain). National Geographic Traveller, Beacon (for Matthew Teller - I'd read a menu if he wrote it), Long Reads on a Friday, Get most travel info from Twitter and Tnooz & travco sites via email, and Travelfish eshot (best written!). Hid all the news guys on Facebook - too much Buzzfeedy BS,.Thought about FT and NYT then realised I'm just a drive by reader.

Saw this the other day and thought - oh profound "People don't read newspaers any more, they read articles" Then I thought. That's a very twitter quote. Keep up good work. Enjoying this thread.