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Congratulations, Stuart. What you've created should be an inspiration for everyone - not just for the content but for your commitment! :)

I've got a question about the future of 'travel media'. Lonely Planet, as an example, was extremely successful because it gave people practical information about places they didn't know well and hadn't been written about in such a way before. Its success dwindled primarily because the internet changed that.

Travelfish, I guess, is in some ways the next iteration of that. It provided information about places people didn't know about and there wasn't much written about - but in an online form, which is where people were going for information because it was cheaper, easier, more up-to-date, etc...

So, the question is, what is your prediction for the next 'model' of travel media? Is there a big change to come in the next 5-10 years? Do you have a concern that something new could come along that makes TF redundant or do you think we're at a technological stage now where most content providers just update and upgrade with the changes?

And thanks, by the way, for all your detailed and insightful answers so far!

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Obviously the word 'greatest' is used in the traditional sense of 'largest' rather than 'best'.

That aside, it's not a simple thing to say that the deaths of so many millions was 'genocide'. It doesn't fit the normal definition of a systemic ethnic cleansing. Hence the question mark in the title. But should the Europeans be blamed for the deaths of so many indigenous people across South America? Yes. And so it leads to one argument that it was a form of homicide - even if it's more manslaughter than first degree murder.

It was a different time, though, and it's hard to view it with the right context. Regardless, I think it's an important part of human history to revisit and discuss from time to time. Thanks for your thoughts!

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There's a lot of talk these days about 'Chinese tourists' as their numbers increase and the market has a huge impact on the travel industry all around the world. I thought this documentary was a really interesting and nuanced look at the issue!
I would be curious to know what you think?