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Submission worthy because: it's just awesome. Professional, inspiring, unique. One of a kind.

+3? Yes, IMO

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Submission-worthy because: interesting subject, good local advice

+3? No, this publication wouldn't need it

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***Instructions for editors:  

The purpose of this discussion is to allow us to collaborate and develop our editorial approach to help us identify "the best travel content on the web" 

Please read the draft criteria below and use them when deciding what content to submit.  You can comment on the articles you submit to explain why you think they're submission-worthy based on the following criteria. 

Using this criteria we as editors will be able to make a number of decisions on the content that our community submits:

  * Would you submit the piece of content to yourself?

  * If someone else submitted it, would you flag it for removal or remove it yourself?

  * If someone else submitted it and it didn't gain traction, would you give it an additional +2 or +3 vote?

  * If someone else submitted it would you want your name on it?

Please also comment below to suggest additions or amendments to this criteria.

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- Practical, useful information for other travellers

- Useful details (specific recommendations, seasons, transportation, opening hours, prices, etc.)

- Relevant references to authority sources


- Topic uncommon, new, rare, unusual angle on something familiar

- Creative manner of expression, presentation or approach


- Substance, some importance, essentials covered, interesting


- Void of personal bias, prejudices, explicit bigotry

- Factual

- Void of commercial or sponsorship bias (funded or hosted services should be acknowledged)


- Readability, flow, logic

- Formatting, structure, balance

- Spelling, English usage, void of redundancies, void of clichés and unnecessary profanity

VISUAL SUPPORT: images, photography, video, etc.

- Relevant, illustrative of the topic

- Original by the author or collaborating photographer / of less value if taken from the public domain, Creative Commons

- Clarity, composition

- Avoided low resolution, grainy or pixelated photos

- Captions, titles, and credits with links

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***Please note any new category suggestions here!

Note, we will soon be implementing a tagging system that allows us to categorize each article with a LOCATION plus one (or more) THEMES. For the time being we're just using themes. If you think any big themes are missing, note them down here.

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To get the ball rolling:

- Cities

- Nature / outdoors

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I agree: it's a great travel narrative married with plenty of specific, practical info. It covers an unusual destination with an open-minded perspective and touches on the cultural, social and political background. The images are great too.

A great piece, well worthy of submission/upvoting and exactly what we're looking to celebrate.

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Great pictures and an interesting/unusual subject - I would definitely submit this article.

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I liked it. Plenty of practically useful/interesting stuff and it's an entertaining read. Kind of reminds me of that show Hotel Babylon, which I shouldn't really admit to watching in public..

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Great submission Sonja, that's an excellent piece of writing. I wonder if we need a separate music/arts category for things like that.

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Also, I feel that this article would definitely be worth a +2 or +3 vote if it needed the extra help

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I agree Paige, it's a good piece. The pix are great although could do with some captions to add context. I think it's worth a +1 vote, but shouldn't need a +2 or +3 as it's quite a major site.

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This is definitely an interesting one but I feel it doesn't really go far enough to be as useful or informative as it could be.  Some additional details like opening hours, address, entrance fees, etc would have been ideal. 

What do you think?

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I liked this because I always find food shopping in the local market to be a great eye-opener and a fun experience for getting some local insight. Samui is a popular place with a highly developed tourist trade, so this seems like good advice for visitors who want to get a taste of local life.

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Its an interesting angle on visiting post-revolution Tunisia, there are some useful details & frame of references for eating, accommodation, etc.  It's the Observer so shouldn't ever need a +2 or +3 vote.

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***Things that other editors have asked that you might find helpful

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Question:  "What is the difference between voting +1,2,3? Is it a scale of how good you think it is?"


"So as moderators we have the option to give items a +1, 2, or 3 vote.  This gives us the ability to promote content we feel is truly excellent but isn't getting the attention it deserves. 

For example when we're public, a new blogger who doesn't have a massive audience will clearly get fewer submissions than National Geographic, simply because it has so many more readers.  But that emerging blogger might be writing some really amazing stuff, and so we can "bump" it up if it really deserves it.

Ordinarily we should just need to give items a +1 vote, but the +2 or 3 can be used selectively if we feel the item deserves more recognition that it happens to be getting."

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hey Hannah - there's already an events category in there!

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Question: "What sub-genre of travel writing are we looking for? Are we looking for great service writing, like "Wow! This is good and useful enough for Lonely Planet!" or are we looking for great narratives and journalism-style writing, like "Wow! This is good and beautiful enough for AFAR magazine!"  Or a good blend of both?"


"We're not really targeting any particular sub-genre. We're aiming to cover the whole gamut of travel content/journalism.

That said we are deliberately emphasising/rewarding content that has some practical utility to travellers. Ideally we want to highlight content that "has a purpose."  Winding narratives are fine and there should be a place for great first-person story telling, but we would prefer to emphasise narratives that have some utility too - even if it's just a closing "fact box" with some specific details/recommendations for other travellers."

(Don't forget to check the guidelines discussion on this:

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Good question. Yes right now we are working on a better tagging system that allows us to tag each item with the location as well as a theme. That should be ready very soon.

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Hey Paige, so we already have categories for "Hotels" and "Family".  I wonder if Travel Advice would be too generic or vague, as really most items should be considered travel advice in some way.  What do other people think?

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I really liked the "insiders tips" here - definitely the kind of thing we're looking for. I'd consider giving this a +2 or +3 

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This is a great, super-specific, highly detailed piece. 

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I liked this, good submission Hannah

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I agree Paige - I'd want to see more details on where this is exactly, how others can get there and other important details

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I think this is a great article; very thoughtful and provoking as well as visually inspiring.  

One comment I'd have in terms of our editorial process is that something from HuffPo should usually only need a +1 vote as it's a pretty major publication, it looks like this piece got a +3.  Remember the +2/3 votes are best used for items that really need the extra attention.

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I really liked it, good find Jessica!

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That's an excellent article Hannah. I'd +2 or +3 that article, if it needed a boost.

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Really good, practical guide. I love it

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This reminds me of many happy trips in Nicaragua. A great piece!