Thanks so much! That sunset was unbelievable. :) @cherylhowardcom

Sonya - Thanks for your kind comments! I'd never been to Italy in the winter before either. Puglia is so unlike any other part of Italy that I've ever been to and it was wonderful. That "Puglia feeling" has really stuck with me. :) @cherylhowardcom - Thank you so much! Puglia is so wonderful and Monopoli, with the Greek influence is too. @cherylhowardcom

I have heard about it but have not been there yet. I'd love to visit there too someday. :)

There's also another in Poland which is quite wild. @cherylhowardcom

Sonya - yes for sure! You're quite right. I wonder how many people do get married there? It's not as if there's a shortage of churches there. :) @cherylhowardcom

Thanks so much Sonja. :) @cherylhowardcom

I'm so tired of these articles telling me what I don't need to see. What if I want to see the Mona Lisa and have waited my whole life to do so? If something is genuinely wrong and hurts someone/something - like riding an elephant in Thailand or doing a flavella tour in Rio, it's a different story.