[read me] Testing the new groups features

Welcome to the new groups functions! 

We're ironing out a few final creases in the system but in the meantime I want to introduce the concept to our editors team.  For the time being we'll use this group to experiment and get familiar with the features, eventually we might decide to move all the G+ activity over here entirely.

This is a private group, which means that its content is visible only to members that have been specifically invited.  

Other groups can be public, which means content shared within that group will also be visible on the main homepage, and to all other members.

We'll be encouraging members to make their own use of the groups functions, we don't want it to be an admin-led process. This is an opportunity for regular members to use the community and platform as they wish - people can start groups on any and every subject, and will be able to create sub-communities within Outbounding around their topics of interest. The only barrier is that each group attracts sufficient members to remain active (currently set at 15 members).

Some initial groups will likely be:

  • Animal welfare in tourism
  • Cultural respect & sensitivity
  • Travel writing & publishing ethics
But eventually there will be groups for specific destinations, travel types, and anything else people care about.

Additionally there will be group for specific organisations - SATW, the Travel Bloggers Association, etc - as a central repository of their members' content.

Questions/suggestions - please discuss here!