OB Roundup (12 September 2014) – News, Discussions and Members to Watch

Latest Community News

Once again in the forefront championing ecotourism and supporting the documentary film, Gringo Trails by anthropologist, Peggy Vail, Outboundings Ethan Gelber and The New York TravFest co-hosted a Q&A following last Sunday nights film at the Cinema Village in New York City. You can revisit and add more comments on Outboundings AMA with Peggy Vail.

After last weeks most revealing and shocking article Is Dynamic Pricing the Travel Industrys Biggest Scam? by Indiana Jo, we were all excited and ready for our AMA with our guest, Chris Elliott, travel consumer protection advocate who generously enlightened us with his candid and knowledgeable responses.

Recent hot discussions

Active Outbounding Member, Jim oDonnel returned from a sustainable investigation of Finland this summer at the geologically intriguing Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage Site where he interviewed those who are maintaining the area which was published in Vrai Magazine.

Continuing right now is the discussion: Can we mend, not end, voluntourism? This has been a hot topic on Outbounding for some time and experts in the field Sallie Grayson and Shannon O'Donnell have opened the debate. There are a lot of interested members on the post, please feel free to add your opinions to the discussion!

Also in line with responsible travel and ethical practices, there is a debate on `Make your gap year responsible and sustainable. Please feel free to add your opinions.

Tired of reading? Sit back and enjoy an aesthetically pleasing video, Carpet of Memory filmed in the Atlas Mountains of central Morocco

For new Outbounding members or members who would like to catch up on something excellent that they may have missed, you can go to Must Reads.

#FollowFriday shoutouts

Many thanks to Outbounder, Jo Fitzsimons former lawyer, current travel adventurer for brilliantly co-hosting our AMA with Chris Elliott in which she kept the hard consumer protection questions flowing. Our special thanks also goes to Chris Elliott who actively contributed to an excellent discussion.

Also much appreciated in the Chris Elliott AMA was the participation of new Outbounder, Kate Varini, Senior Lecturer at Oxford School of Hospitality Management, an international expert on Dynamic Pricing who presented some other sides of the issues.

Big shoutouts also to the experts in voluntourism who are on now ready for your comments, Sallie Grayson and Shannon ODonnell.

Our gratitude also goes to all the many participants in the Outbounding events and discussions this week who not only comment, contribute posts but who also share our discussions with their follows. Thanks to all!


Thanks to those who have made suggestions for our Outbounding community. Keep it coming. We love it! All ideas for discussion topics, events, AMA of experts are most welcome. Remember, this is your community.

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