If you could take a walk with anybody alive today, in any city in the world, who would it be, and where?

I think it's an interesting question in and of itself, but I'm asking for a reason. Five months ago, I started a company called VoiceMap. It's a publishing tool for stories told over the course of a short walk. Storytellers start with a route and a set of locations. The tool uses those to establish a word count, matching a script to how long the walk will take. After an edit, it's recorded, published, and made available within our iPhone app (and, soon, our Android app) at a price chosen by the storyteller, who earns royalties on every download.

I've wanted to commission walks by notable people closely associated with a particular place right from the start, and I now have some money to pay advances -- along with the help of an experienced editor. I have ideas of my own of course, and the suggestions of friends, some of which I'll add below. But it's going to be a large investment for a small business, and I'm really interested in what the Outbounding community might suggest. Who would you choose, if you were commissioning these walks? That's reframing the original question, I know, but it's probably more appropriate here, and I'd appreciate answers to both.

If you still aren't sure exactly what VoiceMap is all about, here's a two minute-long explanation: