How I Lowered My Rent to $8.50 a Day (Hint: Full-time RVing)

The average cost of renting a house or apartment in 2013, according to the US Census Bureau, was $905 / month.

That comes out to $29.75 per day, or over $10,000 a year. I have discovered a way to not only live a better quality of life (arguably), but also lower your rent to only $8.50 a day. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, this isn’t something impossible, it’s a lifestyle that I’ve specifically engineered and it’s worked for my family for years. If my family and I (yes, I have a family of six, I’m not just a bachelor living the free and cheap life) continue at this rate, I will only pay $3120 / year specifically on rent. We do, however, get to travel full-time. That’s right, we don’t understand the concept of a vacation–our life is a (working) vacation.

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