Drafting new community guidelines

While we progress towards our site migration (at a shade above geological speed), one of the things we're looking at is a re-drafting of the community guidelines.  The biggest motivation for this has been the recent discussions on ethics & sponsorship, which we've added to the draft below.  We're inviting all members to have a say on this and they'll be permanently open to revision in the future. What do you think? Is there anything else that should be included?  Thanks in advance for any input! 

Outbounding community guidelines

The Outbounding community exists to celebrate excellent travel content, wherever its published. All the fun is in the simplicity: find something you loved reading? Share the link here for others to see and discuss. 

To help keep things in order and keep us focused on the very best travel content there are a few simple guidelines that we ask everyone to follow:

#1 Share something remarkable 

This is a place to submit the few excellent pieces of travel content that genuinely rise above the usual and the average. We're aiming to showcase content that is remarkably original, creative, insightful, or which takes an unusual angle on something familiar. We won't remove content on subjective judgments alone but you'll need others to agree that your submission is remarkable for it to reach the homepage!

#2 Be generous

You're welcome to submit your own work but please don't limit yourself to only posting your own stuff. We'd also like to know what other content you've discovered and love. You'll find your Karma (and voting weight) gradually increases as you submit excellent content from many diverse sources.

#3 Transparency is key

Ethics and quality go hand-in-hand and the community has overwhelmingly indicated its preference to only permit sponsored content if it's clearly disclosed. Members are invited to flag content that appears to include undisclosed or opaque sponsorships and our mods will remove the submissions.

#4 Zero spam!

Outbounding is a labor of love managed by a small team of volunteer mods and editors. For this reason we take a zero tolerance policy to spam. Users that abuse the community by dumping a load of promotional or self-serving links (or any other antisocial behaviour!) will be banned without warning.

#5 Courtesy counts

Please respect our community when writing a comment, giving a response or interacting with your fellow users. Differing opinions and constructive criticism are welcome. Anger, insults and derogatory language are not tolerated.

Thanks for helping make the Outbounding community a great place for everyone!