Community Roundup (14 November 2014) - News, Discussions and #FollowFriday

News in the community

In mid-October we invited Outbounders to share suggestions and ideas on the future of the Outbounding site, as we prepare to move to a new platform which will better accommodate our members needs and enrich our activities, discussions and events.

The responses so far have been extremely useful, and the thread will remain open for any further ideas. Thanks for your input!

Hot discussions

There have been two lively discussions recently on sponsored content, and how it relates to Outbounding and the community guidelines. The conversations are ongoing but theres a clear consensus for strengthening the guidelines on sponsored content. This will be a community-driven process, please keep your eye out for upcoming discussions.

Storytelling innovators, Mike Sowden, Iain Manley, Candace Rose Rardon, Jonny Miller and Dustin Main, and several others, joined us for a week-long discussion on storytelling approaches and techniques, offering some excellent insights for other content creators.

There was an outstanding response on our Literary Map discussion. There are plenty of countries yet to fill in, please add your suggestions and help us complete the map!

Most-read posts

Other well-read posts were:  A Need to Walk, The Sea of Crises with Japanese storytelling revelations, Travel Writing is Journalisms Tiramisu, Words Matter by Anthony Bourdain, The Second Graders Gastronomic Experience and the magnificent photos by Steve McCurry on the Colors of Afghanistan.

Upcoming events

In preparation for our running debate on The Sharing Economy: the Good, the Bad and the Future which starts Monday November 17, 2014, Ron Mader stirred up some inquisitiveness by posting a publication by Professor Juliet Schor of Boston College entitled Debating The Sharing Economy. This was followed by a video presentation of Professor Schor discussing the topic in less academic terms. Ron will be joined by 4 other experts in their respective areas of the Sharing Economy starting Monday to explore the implications of this way of doing business.

#FollowFriday shoutouts

As ever there are more Outbounders to mention. Special recognition goes to our especially active friends, @FarsightedGirl, @5wa, @AI_FollowUs, @Nomadicchick @digitalsteak. Thanks to everyone for your input!

Feedback? Comments? Suggestions? Please let us know what you'd like to see on Outbounding over the next months.