Celebrating Indigenous Tourism: Best Practices from around the World

From August 4 to 10, 2014, Outbounding will participate in Indigenous Peoples Week (IPW). Organized by Planeta.com and now in its fourth year, this annual event is a celebration of storytelling about indigenous peoples and tourism. It wraps around August 9, which is the United Nations' International Day of the World's Indigenous People. Importantly, participation in IPW is free and open to all.

In keeping with the spirit of IPW and coinciding with its dates, from August 4-10, Outbounding is hosting a weeklong Q&A with Planeta.com's founder and chief driving force, Ron Mader. He will be on hand here to help facilitate talk about the celebration of indigenous tourism, in part by highlighting best practices from around the world.

So feel free to ask Ron anything, right here, even starting now. Ron will begin chiming in when the week begins. Not only is Ron himself an incredible resource, he stands ready to bring other important and authoritative voices to the discussion.

Outbounding is also joining forces with Planeta.com in co-hosting a Google+ Hangout about Improving Media Coverage of Indigenous Tourism (#ipw4). Please join us for that as well at 11:30am ET on Tuesday, August 5.