An invitation to help shape the future of Outbounding

UPDATE: 20 Oct 2015

Almost 12 months since this original post (!) we're finally getting ready to make the transition to our new home. It's been an arduous process with an absolute shoestring budget and the generous help of several volunteers. We will be testing the new platform in the coming weeks (please email if you're able to help test) and will announce the new launch date shortly after.

In the meantime things might start to look a bit wonky/out of place, but the site will continue to function as normal. Bear with us while we make the transition and please keep posting & voting!

It's time for us to spread our wings and move on to the next level: a new home of our own.

The kind of things we're talking about are easier location search & navigation, a more appealing and "travel-y" interface (images!), control over our own privacy policies, and much more.

Fundamentally a community website is just a room - it's the people inside that make the party. But we still want the room to be as fun and useful as possible, so I'm asking for your thoughts and suggestions:

  • What new tools/features would you like to see on Outbounding? 
  • Are there any existing functions you think we should change or ditch?
  • What else would make the site a more useful, enjoyable or practical place for you?
We can't promise to deliver on every wish list: this is still a volunteer project and budgets/time are tight, but I want this to be a bottom-up process based on what our current community actually wants and needs. 

All contributions very welcome and most importantly, thanks for all your support, energy and input to get us this far.