A case study of life and community in a tourist destination

Dave Hill's "The Vapors", published today and reviewed in (among other places) the New York Times, is a fascinatingly sociological study of Hot Springs, Arkansas, where Dave (and, among others, Bill Clinton) grew up, and which was, before Las Vegas, the gambling capital and one of the biggest tourist destinations in the US.

Dave has worked as a unioin organizaer (and is currently vice president of the National Writers Union), and one of the insteresting aspects of the book is its telling of the stories (especially that of Dave's own family) of workers in the tourism industry alongside the stories of the glitzy movers-and-shakers in the tourism economy, and of the impact of tourism on everyone's life in the community.

I'd tag this as "labor" or "workers" or gambling", but there are no tags for any of these. Nevertheless, I think the book will be of interest to readers here.

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