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São Paulo: The Most Underrated City in the World

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Source: São Paulo: The Most Underrated City in the World

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  • Well done and fascinating selection of areas. I loved the largest book store in South America Livaria Cultura when I was there. People spend hours and hours there - also in its café. The film-maker shows just how complex the city is with so many different neighbourhoods. He's only been there 6 weeks and has found what he likes but has only covered the tip of the iceberg. There are two other types of neighbourhoods to mention: those of the ultra rich and the ultra poor - and they're mixed - sometimes next door. But overall, it is a fascinating city and the people are friendly regardless of the neighbourhood. I think the film-maker did a good job showing this. and I look forward to more of his discoveries.

  • FWIW, I think São Paulo is underrated in more ways (and maybe more important ways) than as a tourist destination. At least in the USA, most people have no idea how large or wealthy or globally significant it is.  as a a visitor, I think it is one of those cities (like Los Angeles but maybe more so) that is hard to get to know without being introduced by a local.