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Now *this* is how you interact with dolphins

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Source: Now *this* is how you interact with dolphins

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  • Stuart, both of your statements are true. Does this mean everyone should get out there with waterskis, wakeboards and jetskis? There are scientifically developed codes of practice for viewing dolphins in the wild: How well does this comply with the same codes?

    Just because dolphinariums are in the current media spotlight, does not mean interacting in the open sea is not harmful to dolphins: Here is some reading for anyone interested in dolphins.:Why not to swim with dolphins (at sea) http://www.blue-world.org/en/conservation/not_to_swim_with_dolphins/

  • Hi Stuart, 

    In fact what you are really saying is this is how dolphins might interact with you: Dolphins know the movements of scheduled ferries and know where and when to expect them. They are in control of the encounter and can swim off to quieter areas afterwards. The video does not come with details of how the encounter took place. It makes no mention of the dangers from propellers or that the noise from motor boats stresses dolpins and interferes with their communication.
    The YouTube comments call anyone who raises concerns, a troll. If you think this video will discourage copy cats and encourage them to research safe dolphin interaction, then I fully agree with you.

  • The message conveyed by this video is not likely to foster the well being of dolphins: Do you have any comment Stuart?