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Marie's Dictionary on Vimeo

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Source: Marie's Dictionary on Vimeo

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  • What a beautiful and inspiring story! It reminds me of the efforts that are being done in the Native American Studies department at the University of Oregon. I worked at the university for two years and was given the privilege to report on the projects being done by undergraduates across campus. Several students have taken it upon themselves to work with their tribal elders to learn their native language and create dictionaries and lessons for learning and preserving ancient heritage. Without these languages and stories, we lose a part of our world that can never be regained. Our world becomes more shallow every time one of these languages disappear. Marie's determination to preserve her language and her heritage is inspiring and if there is a way help inspire others to do the same, we would be honored to take part. Thank you for sharing this. 

  • Small world! My father's side of the family lives in Eugene and when I found a journalism program for Masters students like myself, I thought it was a great fit. The Native American community on campus has really flourished and strides are being made to better the lives of tribal members across Oregon and Northern California. There was a huge symposium in 2012 the I attended that focused on human rights issues and projects centered around tribes. It was very eye-opening and I have been passionate about those topics and ways to help and learn more ever since. 
  • What a beautiful short film! It is so important to preserve what we know of these languages and cultures before they are lost.