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Karun: From Source To Sea On Iran's Longest River [private screening]

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Source: Karun: From Source To Sea On Iran's Longest River [private screening]

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  • @hitriddle Thanks Matt!

    We'd love to answer any and all questions about this trip. Iran looks set to get much more attention as a travel destination. We hope this film will help with that!

  • @leonmccarron @tomsbiketrip I love what you are doing with your films about slow adventure travel. The stories of serendipitous kindness are heart warming, I can't wait to see the full films (I've subscribed to your Kickstarter campaign). I didn't think the night camera shots in the tent worked, but that's just my opinion and I've watched way too many adventure films with talking heads in tents. 

    I'd really love to take the train from Europe to India and understand that it is possible to travel from Turkey to Pakistan via Iran. I also understand that the most challenging part is the bit through Pakistan. Do you have any advice for me?

  • @eurapart Hey John. Great to hear your feedback – I hadn't considered it 'slow' adventure travel, but I suppose that's what it is!

    I didn't realise there was a train from Iran to Pakistan, but looking at seat61.com I see that there is! I do know that the border area is often advised against for travellers, though there are of course travellers who ignore the advice and get on just fine.

    If I were you I would read as many recent first-hand experiences as possible (perhaps on HUBB or the Lonely Planet Thorn Three), set off with the intention of doing it, and prepare a Plan B for if the Iran-Pakistan leg proves unviable. There are doubtless plenty of buses. Sounds like a great trip! :)

  • Congratulations, @tomsbiketrip and @leonmccarron for achieving your fund raising goals and more!
    Your experience at the Source of the Karun was quite a thrilling beginning and your courage in never knowing what was next while kayaking a possibly unchartered river was admirable.

    I was happy to see some truly spectacular areas of Iran that have rarely been available on film.

    Having several Iranian friends in Switzerland for some years myself, I agree with you about the hospitality and incredible generosity of the Iranian people. During your filming I hope that you encounter more female presence in your story along the Karun although I know that this is not always easy. In the trailer I only saw two women in the background in black burqas. I believe that by showing more women it would not only make your female audience feel more included in your journey but would also delight the Iranian women around the world to see a more updated version of life for women in Iran along the river.

    Wishing you much success with your filming. I hope that you have many excellent adventures to enrich your own lives and those of others. - @SonjaSwissLife

  • @SonjaSwissLife Thank you so much for the feedback. I'm really glad you enjoyed this film.

    You are not the first person to mention a lack of women! The fact is we simply didn't meet any women to speak to in the rural areas of Iran. This wasn't because women don't participate in public life (they do), but more because the 'guesthood' scenario in conservative rural households almost always involves temporary gender segregation, i.e. we would hang out with the guys, and the girls would disappear.

    If we'd spent more time in liberal cities it'd have been a very different story. Likewise if we'd been female travellers! Also, on the few occasions we did meet women, it would have been culturally insensitive to get out the camera and start filming. One of the many challenges we faced when filming this journey....

    All the best,