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J'adore Paris / Timelapse

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Source: J'adore Paris / Timelapse

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  • Spectacular film which captures the very essence of Paris. The closest one can get to this famous city without actually being there.

  • Yes, very impressive @SonjaSwissLife, but I cannot smell the fresh croissants, hear the vendors at the markets singing about their produce, gaze at the many great bookstore displays in the student quarter, feel the sense of mystery and romance while slowly walking or sitting along the Seine, or admiring the endless theater of a city of often fascinating poseurs while sitting at an outdoor cafe where everyone takes their turn "on the stage." Unlike New York, Paris is a fast city full of people who know how to take it slow as a matter of daily ritual, IMHO. Oh, to live there again!

  • I must agree with @SonjaSwissLife. This video sucks you in and for almost 3 minutes you feel as if you were in Paris. Maybe you can't smell delicious croissants, but Paris also has smells that are not as appealing :)