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Barcelona GO! Flow-Motion Film

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Source: Barcelona GO! Flow-Motion Film

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  • Excellent video! I met Rob in Vietnam last year and was blown away by the amount of work that goes into making these films.

  • Visually stunning. No need to go there again, I guess. (=: I wonder if he traveled slowly to make high-speed time-lapse? Most likely, I would guess.

    If these filmmakers keep it up, we really won't need to leave our beds, especially with virtual reality software becoming more available for everything from travel to food to sex as practiced by some in Japan (http://guardianlv.com/2013/11/japan-unveils-virtual-sex-machine-video/)!

  • Getting close to doing it all in 2 minutes, @TransAbroad, without leaving my chair. I've been there several times in different places of Barcelona and he about covers all of those trips in a flash ...and in detail! Gorgeous and I love the sound track.