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Advice From a Photojournalist: GMB Akash

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Source: Advice From a Photojournalist: GMB Akash

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  • It was Sonja's social media updates that brought GMB Akash to my attention. His photo flesh out stories of the lives of a people and place that I am unlikely to visit. As it is essentially a local's view, it feels as real as that in my own European community. I am grateful for native photographers, like GMB Akash ,for opening my eyes to see the world in a different way.

  • I enjoy travel, nature, food, etc. photography very much, more as a viewer than as a photographer myself, but I find Mr. Akash's advice about finding "your own kind of photography" and "discovering yourself in your work". I think you can say this about a lot of things we do in work - writing, designing, and creating anything that reflects our own perspectives and ideas. 

    If I ever have the pleasure of visiting Bangladesh, I would love to try one of the First Light Institute's workshops that are available to foreigners. It seems like a great way to experience and explore the local areas and at the same time learn photography in a hands-on and not-so-intimidating way :)

  • Thank you for sharing this. As a photojournalist, Chris has found these pieces of advice to be very true and he most often finds inspiration in the humblest of places. Photography for him is not about exposing one world to another but telling stories that want and need to be told, that have been hidden away for too long. People around the world have come up to Chris inquiring about his camera and if he is a photographer. They immediately start telling their story hoping that if it can be captured and shared, perhaps some good will come of it.