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Your Local Cousin

Co Founder at Your Local Cousin

New York, NY, United States

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Your Local Cousin is a peer-to-peer service platform where travelers can ask for advice from locals via Skype/e-mail and receive customized maps.  We have over 400 ‘Local Cousins’ globally and vetted them over Skype.  Travelers pay between $9 to $15 and locals get 70% of the revenue. Travelers give detailed information about their travel style, interests and budget. Hence, the advice is truly tailored to the traveler. We have connected hundreds of travelers and several repeat clients have paid us despite in free trial. In the next version of our site, travelers will be able to add premium services such as in-destination contact, language cards and bookings.

No other service allows travelers the simple act of connecting to a human being who lives in the city they are visiting – as they would a family/friend and priced comparatively to substitutes.  These include bulky guidebooks, impersonal travel forums and upscale “concierge” services that are for high-end travelers. Our service brings back the human element to travel and saves them time effort and money.

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