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  1. Unboundly added a comment on Man Was Made for Adventure, Exploration, and Mountains
    Can't help but agree with Le Lay, he describes the feeling perfectly. The film is quite interesting too, especially how he weaves the imposing views and the inspiring dialogue into his own personal st…
  2. Unboundly added a comment on My Little Green Book
    @sonjaswisslife A moving and inspiring read. And a good lesson on why we should never take traveling for granted either.
  3. Unboundly added a comment on How to Save an Ancient Language Before It Disappears Forever
    @ronmader Music was actually a pretty smart choice, but you're right - it's up to us to contribute as well. It's too often that locals have to suffer as a result of aggressive tourism, which starts o…
  4. Unboundly added an article The Fine Art of Focus in Travel Writing – Intelligent Travel
  5. Unboundly added a comment on Not Your Typical Travelogue: A Photographer’s Train-Hopping Adventure
    Stunning photographs! And an impressive story to go along with them!
  6. Unboundly added a comment on Traveling During Europe's Migrant Crisis
    @traveler0603 A touching article, and a must-read for all travelers who are cancelling their plans for Turkey or Greece. Beyond the hateful image of the immigrants as a 'wave of invaders' there are in…
  7. Unboundly added a comment on Four Ways You Are Already An Explorer
    @hitriddle The article makes a really good point, it's mostly a matter of how you look at it - and it's always wise to think twice about the definition of the term and what it entails before associati…
  8. Unboundly added a comment on World Tourism Day is September 27
    @ronmader There are some really nice tips and resources in here, good slideshow! (A belated) Happy #wtd2015! :)
  9. Unboundly added a comment on Travel the World with Mindfulness
    @sonjaswisslife Agreed, it's a bit of an exercise in empathy and tolerance and broadening your horizons. And when it comes to mindfulness, it's the little things that matter, the ability to take in sl…
  10. Unboundly added a comment on Church of Death – Sacro Monte di Crea – the Most Italian Place in Italy
    @hitriddle It's funny how we end up building and re-defining national/cultural constructs like 'italianness', would be interesting to see how Italians themselves look at it - would they consider it to…