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Stride Travel

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San Francisco, CA, United States

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Stride is the first online marketplace for all active pre-planned trips - multi day guided tours, adventure travel packages, and small ship cruises. Stride offers a huge variety of trips from over 350 leading and local tour operators along with credible reviews, cutting edge search and comparison tools and rich destination guides. Stride is the best resource for savvy travelers seeking the perfect trip.

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Ottsworld, Currently Exploring, Nomadic Matt, Into the Known

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    Heard about this and is so unfortunate. It's very odd, as it's not like the US government to not fight a bit more. 
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    This is certainly a hot topic and something I've faced personally many times. I once left a job because my boss wouldn't let me go to Nepal for 3 weeks, even though I had accrued an appropriate amount…
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