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Evolution Treks Peru

Co founder and manager at Evolution Treks Peru

Cusco, Peru

Professional Bio

Miguel is a native Peruvian professional tour guide from Cusco, he has been leading tours to troughout Peru for almost 20 years. Graduated from the Tupac Amaru Institute School of Tourism in Cusco, Peru, he has a vast knowledge of the rich cultural and ecological diversity of his beautiful country.  He specializes in leading tours to the Salkantay trek and the Inca Trail and other alternative routes to Machu Picchu. In addition, He has written some articles about Choquequirao and Sustainable tourism. Since 2003, Miguel has traveled to the US and other countries in the world to lecture about Cultural Appropriation. Miguel is a strong advocate of ecotourism and science. He values the role that tourists play in the development and protection of sensitive cultures and ecosystems, and dedicates his work to raising the awareness of such players with the aim of furthering such a powerful tool. Also, he is the co founder of Evolution Treks Peru, a Cusco based worker owned travel company. 

Where I Write

I have written a couple of pieces about Choquequirao, and sustainable tourism for Matador Network, as well as the Rainbow mountain for 1000 travel tips.

Favorite Blogs

I read everything, favorite is too narrow. I like Outbounding a lot.

Recent Activity

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