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Marc Kassouf

Co-editor & Creative Director at GTH |

Los Angeles, CA

Professional Bio

Marc Kassouf lived on four continents, has traveled to over three dozen countries, and sailed on more than sixty cruises. He owns Pride Travel agency and publishes award-winning travel articles and instructive guides for consumers and other travel agents on destinations, hotels, cruises, and insurance.

Marc's also helped manage the opening of a 5-star resort, learning more than he ever wanted to know about hospitality management and commiserates with those who continue in that field. Additional  past consulting work includes product development, marketing, and management in and outside of Travel and Tourism.

His latest and greatest editorial project was co-founding GTH| which was recently awarded multiple Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards by the North American Travel Journalists’ Association, including the Silver Award for Travel Journalism Website after National Geographic Traveler Magazine.

Where I Write


Matador Network

TravelAge West Magazine

TravelWorld International Magazine

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    What a great collection showcasing the human spirit and faces of Thailand. Agree completely with Matt that Thai Smiles are legendary... but it's not often that they are captured so well.
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    Matt - I don't think you'd find a flight to Bishop Rock, though.
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    Isn't it amazing when a writer/photographer can make you see through their eyes, feel through their skin and be there in the moment with them? This piece truly does take you to the Scottish highlands …
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    short, and -well, er, interesting. a quick laugh if nothing else.
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    A great display of raw human emotion: awe, fear, elation... amazing imagery. Ironically, the fireworks are not what draw the eye, but rather the participants. Well shot!
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    Witty and fun.... now if I can just find that second husband with lands, castle, title, and riches! Make sure to watch the cute French video at the end.
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    Not really a gay guide so much as just a fun read!