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  1. Kerry added a comment on The Attendant, London: You’ve Really Got to Go
    I went there last week! The food was great - not just a gimmick!
  2. Kerry added a comment on How To Dislike a Destination
    Love that way of putting it: "But Texas, the Gran Chaco and the Russian people aren’t taco stands. They aren’t set up to serve you. ... In most cases, we aren’t even guests, but unannounced, drop-in…
  3. Kerry added an article Jewish life in Hampstead, London: Shylock, Nazis and a cup of tea
  4. Kerry added an article Buns, Germs and Steel
  5. Kerry added a comment on President Hollande's Marianne
    Thanks for this - really interesting post! It made me want to watch Les Mis again (I know, I know...)
  6. Kerry added an article Being Gay in Eastern Europe: Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid
  7. Kerry added an article Ask Kate: How Do You Divide Travel Expenses As a Couple?