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Ellen G. Kempler

Chief Navigator and Founder at Gold Boat Journeys (Creative Cultural Travel)

Laguna Beach, CA

Professional Bio

20 + years directing award-winning communications efforts for museums, botanic gardens, aquariums, environmental nonprofits, arts organizations, universities and colleges & small businesses. Visual marketing expert, writer, editor & travel consultant (mobile agent).  Avid volunteer, environmentalist, hiker, cyclist, gardener, reader, literary, cultural and heritage lover and advocate of balance in travel, work and life. Little Free Library steward. Certified workshop leader in Amherst Artists and Writers method. Usher with four theaters. Activist with local homeless community.  Media and tech geek who advocates a new economic model that benefits creators (writers and artists) as much as developers. Besotted with Irish literature, history and culture and green places worldwide. My spare room in Laguna Beach is open to all Outbounding travelers.

Where I Write

Ship's Log (aka the Slog)


Slow World Scrapbook (Tumblr)

Beyond the Bucket List (Rebelmouse)

Also published in The Atlantic, Culture Trip, LA Times, Huffington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Westways, Yosemite Conservancy (anthology), Black Balloon Publishing, Transitions Abroad, Shareable, Holstee, World Travel List, Cultur-ist, various literary journals (poetry), content writer for Airspruce. Also freelance as an editor, marketing consultant and content writer.

Favorite Blogs

Brainpickings, Farnham Street, Paris Review, Nota Bene Blog, New Yorker Shouts and Murmurs, Mother Nature Network, the Atlantic, the Guardian, BBC Travel, PRI's The World, Sierra Club, Outside Magazine, Poetry Foundation, National Geographic Traveler, Flavorwire (literary content), NYTimes Frugal Traveler, Travel Blatherer, The Salt (NPR), PBS MediaShift, Zen Habits, Ted Blog, Black Balloon Publishing, American Scholar, APM On the Media, OnBeing

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