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Delta Willis

Author, Travel Advisor, Conservation Communications at Pulse Africa

Pasadena, CA, United States

Professional Bio

Delta Willis searched for fossils alongside Richard Leakey for her first book, The Hominid Gang, and has written for Adventure Travel, AudubonOutside, People, Natural History, Diversion, and The New York Times.  She served as Chief Contributor to the Fodor’s Travel Guides to Kenya & Tanzania 1981-2001.

In 2013 Willis joined Hillary and Chelsea Clinton to announce the Elephant Action Network plan to stem poaching. A member of The Explorers Club, Willis is returning to freelance writing after working as a Sr. publicist on environmental issues for the National Audubon Society, Wildlife Direct and Earthwatch.    Her first career was at New York’s J. Walter Thompson Company, then the world’s largest ad agency. As Director of Programs & Press for a unit of British television, she promoted wildlife filmmakers Alan & Joan Root, Iain Douglas Hamilton’s research on elephants, and made the first of 33 journeys to Africa. 

Where I Write

Writing "My Boat in the City" memoirs. Leading a travel writing worship in Dublin Dec 10-17 Walking in the footsteps of James Joyce, alongside novelists, poets, other classes all week. info at Abroad Writers Conference dot com

Favorite Blogs

Andrew Revkin    Dot Earth   New York Times

Recent Activity

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    Dr. Palmer has been nailed for also killing endangered rhino, and sexual harassment. But responding to violence with violence doesn't solve anything. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel produced a thoughtful report…
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    Huge help. I thank the author for shining a light on many issues I've confronted writing my own memoirs. As a journalist I would rather delve into the world around me, and did so in The Hominid G…
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    Back to the question at hand: Nomads Forever?  The global carbon budget, and human population, all changed dramatically when nomadic migrations ceased in favor of agriculture. You can still see r…
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    @eurapart   When you refer to carbon footprint, you're only addressing Climate Change, which is huge problem, but not the only devastating effect of an exploding human population. Hundreds of tho…
  7. Delta Willis added a comment on Why the Nomadic Lifestyle Can't Last
    First of all, nothing is forever. Second, let's define nomadic. Tribes lived in various places but moved according to seasons, food needs, change in weather, etc. They were not constantly on the move.…
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    Absolutely hilarious and thoughtful, too. Inspires me to write about my tour guiding days with this kind of touch. Thank you for sharing.