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Colleen Blaine

Travel Writer at Self Employed

Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Professional Bio

I am a freelance travel writer who is passionate about the environment, conservation, food and adventure.  Having grown up in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa, I aim to explore every corner of Southern Africa through my writing and photography. I insist that I will always live by the sea and after years of working in the corporate world vowed never to work in an office again. In all honestly, I could not live without my moleskin notebook or wine.

Where I Write

I have been published across a number of both print and digital publications. Namely

South Magazine - Life on the Garden Route (5 articles 2 features)

Getaway International Magazine (1 article)

Khuluma Magazine (1 travel feature story)

But for those of you not living in SA I have written for a few blogs one of which is my own (it's the best one anyway *wink*)

Getaway Travel Blog Travel Blog

Matador Network Change

Travel in Words - My moleskin notebook and I

Favorite Blogs

Some because I am loyal and others because they caught my attention

Getaway Travel Blog

Wild Junket

Fevered Mutterings

Johnny Vagabond

Recent Activity

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