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  1. Jonathan added a comment on Why You Need to Stop Whining About Air Travel
    My major gripe with that article is that only economy class pictures are present.  In my experience, where there's a passenger, there's a question mark. Flying brings out the worst in many of us.…
  2. Jonathan added an article One Weirdly Memorable Night in Fukuoka, Japan
  3. Jonathan added a comment on Six ethical dilemmas I encountered as a traveler. What will you do?
    Worse is the term "ecotourist."  Talk about an oxymoron.
  4. Jonathan added a comment on Travel Bloggers: Why Are You So Unhappy?
    I started two years ago with the hopes of introducing to whomever was interested the quirky aspects of travel, food and architecture.  My first series of posts involve…
  5. Jonathan added a comment on The Legal Nomads Guide to Saigon Street Food
    I was just lamenting how little I know about Vietnamese cuisine.  On the whole however, it doesn't look spicy enough for my tastes!  What are your favorite condiments there, Jodi?
  6. Jonathan added a comment on Travelling close to home - why nearer can be better
    I find that traveling through the US (where I'm from) is rarely a good value, particularly when going solo. Not to mention, all of the places that I'd like to visit just about require having a car, w…
  7. Jonathan added a comment on Eating Street Food in China
    Oh, I just realized that the third photo is of plov, a popular Central Asian/Xinjiang dish.  If you're in NYC, you can get it in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.
  8. Jonathan added a comment on Drainspotting - A different kind of street art in Japan
    Ah yes, I first started noticing these a while back. Okayama's refers to the folktale of Momotaro, a child borne of a peach (momo) sent to Earth to fight some demons.  He met a few crafty characters …
  9. Jonathan added an article Language Study: What Were Your First Words? « buildingmybento
  10. Jonathan added an article If Your Pita Tastes Like Pepe Jeans