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Social Media Strategist at GoViral & Outbounding

Prague, Czech Republic

Professional Bio

I'm that annoyingly touchy-feely person who says things like "share the love" and "be awesome" a lot. I also unabashedly take instagram pictures of my food, my cats, my dog, random babies, and things people leave behind after a really terrible (or great) night. I torture my friends by overplaying songs that go viral and try not to judge people too harshly when they call something an internet me-me.

I'm in love with the internet and all the good, bad, stupid, and beautiful I find and most people tell me that they enjoy my Facebook posts the most because I share things that make them laugh, cringe, or secretly tear up with inspiration.

And that pretty much sums up my role at Outbounding. You'll find me on our Facebook sharing all the love, inspiration, help and controversy our Outbounders generate. I want to know what touches you and moves you and angers you in your travels.

So come on by and visit me and we can talk. I'm a good listener and if you know what the fox says, then that's a bonus!

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