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Andrew Delmenhorst

Travel Blogger at Passport Chronicles

Brussels, Belgium

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Recovering corporate purchaser. Belgian Beer drinker (not recovering). 

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  1. Andrew Delmenhorst added a comment on ‘I wish I’d never done it’: Confessions of a tourist
    In Rio, they do guided trips into Favelas. Back before my "travel blogger" days, I chose not to do it, ultimately because it just didn't feel right. Going in to gawk and take photos felt more like a z…
  2. Andrew Delmenhorst added a comment on 5 Reasons Why Bicycle Tourism Matters
    Agreed. The same argument could be made for hiking, kayaking or any other slower form of travel, with the other side benefit being no green house emissions. However, the logistics and planning behind …
  3. Andrew Delmenhorst added a comment on The View Ahead - Africa by motorbike
    Amazing photos. When I look at what these guys did and how many shares received on this post, it boggles my mind. The content and adventure here is humbling, yet they only have 1,400 likes on their Fa…