Our Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

OutBounding.org exists to celebrate excellence in travel content. It's simple and fun but even simple things need rules. Please keep the following in mind when submitting, voting or commenting on OutBounding.org:


This is a place to submit the few excellent pieces of travel content that rise above the usual and the average. We aim to showcase content that is practical, useful, original, creative or which takes an unusual angle on something familiar. Please support us in that quest!

#2 AND NOT (just) YOUR OWN

The community works best when we're sharing great content from across the web, not just our own material. Please don't limit yourself to posting your own stuff, we'd also like to know what other content you're finding inspiring and influential wherever it may be published.


OutBounding.org is a labor of love and our editors are all volunteers. For this reason we take a zero tolerance policy to spam. Users that abuse the community will be banned without warning.


Please respect our community when writing a comment, giving a response or interacting with your fellow users. Differing opinions and constructive criticism are welcome. Anger, insults and derogatory language are not tolerated.

Thanks for helping make the OutBounding.org community great!