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Is there, or should there be, an International Travel Journalism Award open to all nationalities?

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With the 2014 Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist Competition now closed it came to my attention that the only people that could enter were restricted to "all North American journalists" (source). This includes the USA and Canada in case you were wondering.

Given that the extensive list of categories include "Foreign Travel" and by virtue of the word "travel" in it's own right plus the inclusion of only two countries I felt it seriously downgraded the value of the awards/competition. Or, at the very least cut off a vast number of international travel journalists who could elevate such awards 10 fold by a non-North American perspective on the world.

A quick search on the web for "International Travel Journalism Awards" yielded little. There's an Australian only award and a somewhat random/commercial British Travel Journalism award and plenty of travel writer awards. However, I couldn't see anything what was open to people from around the world in the realm of travel journalism awards similar to the Lowell Thomas Competition/Awards.

Did I miss something

I'm aware that not everybody thinks highly of awards nor pay to enter competitions. And I know many are as fixed and non-transparent / politically / financially motivated as the Oscars. Not to mention the argument for such rules as should sponsored junkets be allowed to enter? All separate discussions perhaps.

What irks me the most in this age of global travel and equality is that such awards in travel reportage are restricted to certain countries only (two). 

Any thoughts? And or if you know of any Internationally open travel journalism awards it might be nice to list them as a resource here. 

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