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World Travel Awards winners: Proud, ashamed or embarrassed?

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eTN published an article in June 2015 entitled: eTN alert of caution on World Travel Awards

After eTN's article was published, World Travel Awards President Graham Cooke addressed concerns, and eTN published this article: Changes on how World Travel Awards operates may be in the pipeline

In response to eTN's article and in June 2015, the World Travel Awards President gave his personal assurance to eTurboNews and assured the legitimacy of his awards. He said if necessary and if changes are needed, they will be made. He responded positively to eTN Publisher Steinmetz' suggestion to employ an independent auditor. Mr. Cooke promised eTN that WTA would allow an independent audit to evaluate its voting system.

It remains to be seen if this was just a promise to get a more positive article on eTN in June, or who this "independent auditor" is.

How could such an independent auditor allow a non-existing empty building to win the prestigious title of Europe's leading conference Center in 2015?

Here is a list of hotels, tourism boards, car rental companies, and airlines in Europe that also received World Travel awards recently.

The question that comes up is: Should these companies really be proud of this "achievement?" eTN is opening up the floor for discussion.
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