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Wildlife Tourism and the internet

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I am conducting a survey as part of my dissertation that focuses on Wildlife animal tourism (WAT) (tourism that involves close interactions with the animals) and the internet. As part of my research, I have created a survey to retrieve consumer perspectives. Any responses will be greatly appreciated and in the long run will aim to benefit the welfare of wild animals at the heart of tourist attractions.

I am targeting a large and diverse audience so would like to retrieve as many responses as possible from a large age range (so please encourage all family members to take part)!

There are 5 sections of the survey. Section 4 is exclusive to those in the 40 and above age bracket and the final section is interactive, interesting and a fun way for the survey to end so please, if you have time, answer!

I would be extremely grateful for any responses I retrieve and thank you so much in advance!

BTW* It will be easiest to answer this on laptops rather than phones because of the style of some questions

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