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My Attempt To Source Adventure Equipment & Clothing With A Social & Environmental Conscience

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While it would be nice to pretend that travel and adventure exists in a bubble, the truth is in fact the opposite: exploring the world in a truly curious and open-minded way cannot help but burst that bubble and demonstrate that there is no such thing as action (or inaction) without consequence.

Realisations like that are useless if they do not translate into actual change, of course. For me, the outcome was obvious: I should think harder about the ethics and durability of what I consume and where it comes from. Given that people come to this blog for consumer advice as much as anything else, I should also look to promote business on a scale that creates meaningful work, something I believe is a basic human need, rather than the mass meaninglessness that neoliberalism has created.

It’s proved pretty tough, particularly as manufacturing has all but died a death in the UK. But as you’ll notice from the list above, I have managed to find a number of outfits making efforts to bring durable, ethically sound products to the outdoor and adventure market.

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