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Aviation Emissions: will flying under the radar on a wing and a prayer help or prevent tourism to flourish?

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Provides an overview of the current state of play with respect to reducing aviation-related emissions and COP21. Neither shipping nor aviation will be included in any deal that comes out of Paris. GTAC in support of IATA, ATAG and ICAO prefers to wait until September and favours use of  "market based mechanisms"  (carbon trading and offsetting) to be agreed upon there globally. Based on the fact that ICAO was mandated to reduce emissions in 1992 and has done nothing but overseen emissions growth of nearly 80%, critics have little confidence that an ICAO solution will be sufficient. Disappointed that the tourism industry - especially those focused on responsible-sustainable tourism - have shown virtually no interest in a subject which is critical to the future of tourism. All negotiations and decisions are being made by the mainstream players with no discussion of the negative implications for many of the less developed (unspoiled) destinations that many eco-tourism operators favour. Continue Reading

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