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Authenticity and Tourism Campaigns

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Is it just me or are our tourism promos usually a bit corny? Living in Wellington, New Zealand, I suppose it’s difficult to look upon local promos with neutrality – they usually inspire varying degrees of cultural cringe. 

When our tourism-related promos go wrong, its often due to a failure to innovate, an excess of pseudo-emotive cheeseburger or a lazy ‘feature-oriented’ approach. For example, the Open Space, Hearts and Minds video (acknowledging this covers more than just tourism) has had quite a bit of airplay but it seems quite cheesy and generic - it reaches a little too hard for sincerity. The 100% Pure Campaign was ground-breaking in its inception and has been arguably one of the most successful tourism marketing campaigns ever. But the content feels like its starting to become a bit ‘meh’ through a lack of innovation (exhibit A). (It’s also attracting more negative attention as being inconsistent with observed environmental deterioration.)

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