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7 Innovative Travel Websites With Stunning User Experiences

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What destination marketers can learn from these websites:

1. Captivate with video. With the web becoming more crowded every day, video is one of the few things that can immediately dazzle a user. DMOs are putting videos right at the top of their homepage, to capture that interest right away.

2. Create immersive visual experiences. Visuals are the strongest way to pull in website visitors & give them a reason to explore. Use your visuals to encompass the entire screen, and surround the field of vision with the story you want to tell.

3. Leverage virtual reality. Leading DMOs are embracing innovative tech, offering virtual reality tours to really draw people into the experience their destination can offer. It’s so new that it’s super impressive and, again, immersive.

4. Dynamic page elements. Say goodbye to the old static website — the newest websites are incorporating moving parts. Things like buttons that change and respond to your mouse, and photo galleries people can click into and interact with.

5. Integrate social media. 52% of summer vacationers start their travel search on social media. But rather than sending people to social sites, why not bring that content to your own? Create a section dedicated to user-generated content, and let your visitors inspire new travellers to visit your destination.

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