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This simple snippet generates a real-time widget (like the one on the right) designed for easy embedding in the sidebar of any site:


API Endpoint

GET http://outbounding.org/api/articles

API Parameters

The following parameters can be passed to the API endpoint:

Parameter Description Default Options
type The submission type to query for. Blank for no specific filter, will search for all types. null string from 'article','discussion','comment','book','video','slideshare', 'image','event','tactic','tool','statistic','quote','post','question','poll'
sort The sort filter mechanism, mirroring homepage filtering optins. hot For trending, "hot".
For latest, "new".
For all time, "votes".
For most discussed, "discussion".
For must read, "featured".
query Text query for submission title and details. null string
tags Text query for submission tags. null string
location Text query for location information for submissions. null string
offset Result details offset since limit 0 int
limit Result limit per query. Up to 100. 10 int

Example Request

curl http://outbounding.org/api/articles?sort=hot&tags=&offset=0&limit=3

Example Response

      "articles": [
          "id": "153740",
          "url": "http:\/\/inbound.org\/discussion\/view\/who-do-you-want-to-meet-at-inbound14",
          "discuss_url": "http:\/\/j.mp\/1og6C5S\n",
          "title": "Who do you want to meet at INBOUND14 ?",
          "description": null,
          "submission_type": "discussion",
          "domain": "inbound.org",
          "votes": "53",
          "comments": "26",
          "clicks": "0",
          "views": "769",
          "slug": "who-do-you-want-to-meet-at-inbound14",
          "featured": "0",
          "submitted_by": "Ed Fry",
          "submitted_by_avatar": "http:\/\/pbs.twimg.com\/profile_images\/1987750770\/ed-200_normal.jpg",
          "submitted_date": "2014-09-11 13:41:33",
          "location": "Boston, MA, USA",
          "tags": [
            "Ask Inbound",
            "Funny or Fun"
          "id": "158419",
          "url": "http:\/\/inbound.org\/poll\/view\/which-is-the-more-boring-industry",
          "discuss_url": "http:\/\/j.mp\/1tCj9oE\n",
          "title": "Which is the more boring industry?",
          "description": "

We all think our industry is boring it seems. Yes, to those not interested several of these businesses aren't all that exciting. But when it matters to them - when they have a problem you solve - your industry no longer bores them. So ... which of these industries is the most boring?<\/p>", "submission_type": "poll", "domain": "inbound.org", "votes": "58", "comments": "37", "clicks": "0", "views": "1544", "slug": "which-is-the-more-boring-industry", "featured": "1", "submitted_by": "danmoyle", "submitted_by_avatar": "https:\/\/pbs.twimg.com\/profile_images\/498922841341829120\/7rLMGd2N_400x400.jpeg", "submitted_date": "2014-09-11 16:43:47", "location": null, "tags": [ "Ask Inbound" ] }, { ... } ], "order": "hot", "tags": null, "offset": 0, "limit": 10, "location": null, "type": null, "query": null }